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Save New York City Restaurants and their Employees

a dining room table in a restaurant

Yesterday when the Mayor was asked about when restaurants can expect indoor dining, he said, "They’ll be back next year at some point. I think that is overwhelmingly the case.”

Friends of Mercer Street Hospitality, 

A short and urgent note to shed light on what's happening in our industry today. The Mayor could not be more wrong about his statement.

Most estimates show 50% of all restaurants will close by next year but that figure will be much higher if we do not act fast. This means 15,000 restaurants or more.  Last week our Mayor and Governor refused to give us a clear path to re-opening indoors.  We need notice to plan and budget. Without indoor dining, the minute a slight chill arrives revenue will plummet and the situation will go from dire to death. So if we all want to see our local favorites, big and small alike, around next year, I urge you to help drive action. Furthermore, by October the majority of restaurants will have spent their government assistance and even if operating at 100% using 50% of the occupancy will likely mean closing, but at least we can go down fighting. 

The curve is flat, other counties are operating indoors safely just miles away, and the cold is just around the corner yet nobody with power seems to be truly listening.  We need to know what to tell our hard working employees what to expect so they can plan their lives.  Seems like a fair request given what everyone has persevered for the past six months. 

Send a message to @nycmayor @nygovcuomo and tell them to act fast.  Or email  Save restaurants, jobs and a driving force of our great city.

I hope to see you soon - just not on the sidewalk or street deck. 

John McDonald